SII studio

We are small studio devoted to finding new solutions in creating unique spaces through a deep understanding of human dreams, needs, hopes and desires.
What is it that makes a place stay with you long after you leave it? Why do you feel relaxed in certan spaces and why you wanna move in other? These kinds of questions inform our design philosophy every day, helping us to unfold our clients’ vision and translate it into theri needs. Through this process, we are able to create unique environments just for you.

based in Rijeka, Croatia

SII studio is operating in the fields of architecture, interior design, sustainable design, industrial and grafic design, workplace consultancy and also in urbanism and research. The principles of unique places, personal approach and sustainability are integral to our work.
We are much more than design studio – we start from strong research base and wide knowledge in different fields of architecture, urbanism, design, BIM – and we are upgrading our knowledge every day.

founder of sii studio

Sanja is the owner of the studio and she is a dreamer, designer and architect. She was studying at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana and further expanded her knowledge at leading universities as ETH Zurich and Stanford University. Her collaborative and solo work was published in different conferences and publications. She is driven by the passion of changing the way we see design and architecture today and personal aproach to the clients makes this a great place to start.

SII studio